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Team Rubicon Global, Ltd.

Team Rubicon Global

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Issue Area: International

Team Rubicon (TR) provides veterans around the world with opportunities to serve others in the wake of disasters. While conducting over 100 missions in a dozen countries, TR attracted veterans from numerous coalition countries to include Australia, the UK, Germany, Canada, and Norway and realized TR needed to become a global movement – exporting the idea that veterans all over the world are ideally suited to carry out difficult humanitarian missions in support of the common good. Team Rubicon Global (TRG) was launched in April 2015 and holds the worldwide brand license and operating standards. TRG will establish 2-3 new Team Rubicons per year. The Bob Woodruff Foundation will be recognized as a founding sponsor of Team Rubicon Global and is proud to support veterans around the world. We recognize that our veterans fought as a coalition and can thrive as one.