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Department of Veterans’ Services Commissioner James Hendon’s Statement in Observance of Veterans and Military Families Month

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Even before this nation’s founding, across countless generations, legions have risen to answer the clarion call of America, swearing before God and compatriots to protect this land from all enemies both foreign and domestic. These valiant souls, the definition of our nation’s finest, stand as the vanguards of our cherished land with full knowledge of the cost of freedom. As we begin Veterans and Military Families Month, we stand together to offer homage to our esteemed Veterans and their equally dedicated families, recognizing their exceptional service and sacrifices in the defense of this nation and the preservation of the sacred principles of liberty and democracy that comprise the American experiment.

In this moment, we acknowledge and celebrate our noble Veterans, alongside their unwavering families, who have remained steadfast in the face of uncertainty, protecting our freedoms, and illuminating a path for all humanity. Our Veterans, bound by the ideals of integrity, excellence, and service before self, light the way and stand as enduring beacons of our nation’s pursuit of a brighter tomorrow. We acknowledge that the debt we owe to these men and women can never be fully repaid. In Greek literature the return home of a hero is called nostos, a reference not only to the physical return, but the maintaining of one’s identity—at the NYC Department of Veterans’ Services (DVS) we stand as sentinels, ready to support the nostos of New York City Veterans. In equal measure, we extend our heartfelt gratitude to the silent heroes—our military families—who, with fortitude and grace, underpin the foundations of the home.

In the spirit of unity and shared purpose, let us, as one, cherish the fortitude and sacrifices of our Veterans and their families, for they, in their steadfast dedication, serve as the bedrock upon which our great nation rests.

Happy Veterans and Military Families Month!