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Fall Programming Tailored to Local Partner Needs

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As of November 1, 2020, National Veterans Intermediary (NVI) is called the Local Partner Network. Older content may reference our original name.

Our most recent ecosystem data, the product of analyzing surveys from 54 veteran collaboratives across the nation, has given NVI some valuable insights regarding trends in our collaboratives’ needs.

Here’s how we’re building programming customized to meet these needs:

100% of collaboratives are interested in connecting with other collaboratives to learn, share, and grow together

In the interest of fostering inter-collaborative connections, NVI will host a series of online convenings, and is in the early stages of planning an in-person convening for late 2019.

46% of communities rely on in-person meetings to communicate with their collaboratives

Through a series of customized webinars, NVI’s Communications Manager and Air Force veteran Rhi Guzelian will introduce and train you on resources for remaining connected between, and reducing the need for, time consuming in-person meetings.

19.4% of communities report using no technologies to manage information about their collaboratives and clients

We’re researching and comparing technologies, and will offer training on options that meet your needs.

… and only 2.5% of communities track outcomes for the veterans they serve

Tracking outcomes is a complex and difficult part of shared measurement in collaborative work. We’ll share best practices and tried-and-true tactics for successfully tracking outcomes.

Funding and marketing are the top two needs identified by collaboratives

To help with the top two areas collaboratives say they most need support and learning, we’re hosting webinars on communications and fundraising tailored to your needs.

We’re grateful for the voices of the 54 Local Partners that have completed our survey, and for the feedback of the remainder of our 81 communities. We’ve heard you loud and clear. Your input directly informs original programming, customized to the needs, trends, and issues faced by communities collaborating for impact in the lives of veterans.