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Suicide Prevention Resource

Author Image (WAV) is an innovative website that was developed as a resource for family members and loved ones of military Service members and Veterans in New York State. Its purpose is to support families with information and resources around firearm safety and lowering suicide risk.

This website is the culmination of dedicated efforts by the New York State Governor’s Challenge team over the past two years. A comprehensive approach to the creation of this website included several public and private partnerships and collaborations with the co-creators of Counseling for Lethal Means (CALM) Training. Incorporating perspectives from families and Veterans with lived experience was critical.  Thirty interviews were conducted with family members and loved ones who lost a Veteran to firearm suicide, experienced a Veteran firearm suicide attempt, and/or lived with a Veteran who owned firearms.

This website includes video vignettes of family situations involving firearms including examples of how to detect concerning behaviors, start conversations about safety, ask for help, and navigate safe storage options.

Are you worried about a veteran?