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The Trauma Recovery Center is Now Open in Coney Island!

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The Trauma Recovery Center provides an array of mental health and clinical case management services to address the complex needs of our diverse participants. Examples of mental health services include crisis intervention, individual and group therapy, medication evaluation and management, and substance misuse treatment. Clinical Case Management Services include support with filing police reports/assistance applying for crime victim compensation, access to safe housing, financial entitlements, and linkage to other service providers to ensure proper care coordination. There is a combat veteran on staff to provide these services. Eligibility criteria include but are not limited to: physical assault, being a loved one of a homicide victim, domestic violence, racial or hate crime, immigration trauma, hit and run or victim of a DUI, gang violence, stabbing, human trafficking, or other forms of community violence.

Reach out to the TRC at [email protected] or reach out to Alexis at 646-620-8853.