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Understanding the PACT Act

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Passed in August 2022, the Sergeant First Class Heath Robinson Honoring Our Promise to Address Comprehensive Toxics (PACT) Act of 2022, or PACT Act, is one of the largest expansions of health care benefits for veterans in US history. The PACT Act makes it easier for veterans who have been exposed to certain toxic substances to qualify for free Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) health care and financial benefits.

While the VA website explains the expanded benefits under the PACT Act and allows people to apply online for disability benefits or VA health care at no charge, misinformation about the PACT Act continues to circulate. As a result, many veterans and surviving spouses are confused about what’s covered and how they can apply.

To assist those who qualify for benefits under the PACT Act, in Understanding the Pact Act, we highlight

  • key aspects of the PACT Act, including additional coverage for a longer list of conditions that are assumed to be caused by exposure to toxic substances
  • common misperceptions about the PACT Act, including the belief that you must pay someone to apply for benefits. There are no fees to apply, and the VA doesn’t charge to process claims. Ever.
  • guidance on how to apply including reminders thatfiling a claim is free. You don’t need an attorney, and the VA is available to assist.

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