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Best Wishes to Barbara Lau

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Today marks the final day in a decade-long chapter at the Bob Woodruff Foundation for our teammate and friend Barbara Lau. Barbara has invested the last ten years in leading special projects and new initiatives at the foundation, applying her time and talent to a variety of roles. With each new opportunity, Barbara was first to raise her hand to help. Her creativity and tireless dedication to the mission set the tone for all who worked with her. 

Barbara’s impact is evident across the Bob Woodruff Foundation – her critical thinking and willingness to dig deep on challenging subject matter made her a key contributor in professionalizing our grant-making process and providing oversight for some of our most innovative programs. She has been pivotal in managing the development of our Veterans In-Vitro Initiative (VIVA), which has helped almost two dozen veteran families to date, with five pregnancies, and the birth of a beautiful baby girl.

Barbara’s wide network of friends and colleagues can attest to her passion for improving the lives of our nation’s veterans and their families. Whether she is volunteering at our annual Stand Up for Heroes event, serving as a guide and a resource for the 100 veterans and caregivers who participated in the event, or building local relationships closer to home in Texas, Barbara has been steadfast in her commitment. 

She’s been a friend, mentor, sounding board, cheerleader, straight talker, source of interesting news and an interesting network to me throughout my tenure at BWF. I can personally attest, that without Barbara’s steadfast and fastidious nature, commitment to upholding the standards and digging deeper for the answers, BWF would not be where it is today. The Bob Woodruff Foundation team wishes her all the best in her next chapter.

– Anne Marie Dougherty, Executive Director