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Catch a Lift

Boots in the Gym

Location: National

Catch a Lift has provided gym memberships and equipment for post-9/11 service-disabled veterans’ to enhance their physical wellbeing. This BWF investment permits Catch a Lift to expand their contribution and build, assess, and improve a new gym-based program. The Boots in the Gym (BIG) program will provide 60 veterans with a small peer group that uses gym fitness to improve physical outcomes, increase social interaction, and promote a healthy lifestyle. BIG participants will be physically evaluated before and throughout their participation.  The veteran’s gym squad will meet multiple times a week, and provide community, peer support, and measurable improvements in physical and mental health. The Bob Woodruff Foundation grant permits Catch a Lift to pilot the BIG program and to evaluate the effectiveness of mentoring and peer groups combined with gym access for post-9/11 veterans living with a service-connected disability.  The Bob Woodruff Foundation is proud to invest in this young and promising program.