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Services for the Underserved, Inc.

Veteran Housing and Employment Support

Supported in partnership with VOWS and Capital One 

This funding will supplement the resources available via Service for the Underserved’s federal funding to serve veterans who are not eligible for government assistance. Overall, this investment will provide employment services, case management, and financial assistance for housing and employment-related needs to at least 125 veterans, ensuring that they meet their long-term housing and employment goals.

Services for the UnderServed’s (S:US) Veterans Services support veterans at highest risk for homelessness; unemployment; untreated medical, behavioral health, and substance use challenges; and social isolation. Over 85 percent of the veterans served by S:US are experiencing homelessness, 60 percent live with co-occurring chronic mental illness, substance use disorders, and/or serious health conditions, and 30 percent have a history of involvement with the criminal justice system. While nearly all the veterans S:US serves qualify as low-income, many are not eligible for government-funded programs such as Supportive Services for Veteran Families and the Homeless Veterans Reintegration Program. Additionally, the expiration of COVID-era measures such as the New York eviction moratorium and the Stafford Act are adding to the strain on homeless prevention resources. Veterans are requiring greater assistance for longer periods of time due to sustained un- and under-employment as inflation increases the cost of living, while program providers are simultaneously facing reduced flexibilities and pre-pandemic funding levels from federal programs. T