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Veterans Empowerment Organization of Georgia

Unsheltered to Housed Program

This NFL-BWF Healthy Lifestyles and Creating Community award will provide daily meals, transportation to medical appointments and other necessary services, and community classes on topics such as financial literacy and VA benefits. These services will be offered to at least 30 veterans residing in Veterans Empowerment Organization’s (VWO) transitional housing. This support will ensure veterans’ basic needs are met as they work towards long-term housing stability. Additionally, the funding will support street and shelter outreach to identify veterans experiencing homelessness and connect them to housing and supportive services.

The Veterans Empowerment Organization supports veterans on their path to stability and self-sufficiency. The organizatiny provides emergency, transitional, and permanent supportive housing, as well as case management and supportive services. VEO’s Unsheltered to Housed program provides a safe, transitional living environment. The program includes on-site case management services to help veterans stabilize, gain employment, and ultimately move into permanent housing.