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Transforming Lives and Building a Supportive Veteran Community  

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The Hoosier Veterans Assistance Foundation of Indiana (HVAF) has been a steadfast support system since its founding in 1993, providing housing and support services to homeless veterans.  

HVAF is a lifeline for those who have bravely served our nation. The organization connects veterans to essential resources and tools to help them find or retain employment. 

As the largest nonprofit provider of comprehensive services for veterans in Indiana, HVAF plays a crucial role in helping homeless veterans re-enter society. HVAF offers supportive housing, case management, food, hygiene, clothing, and various other essential services. The organization’s commitment extends beyond immediate needs, focusing on long-term self-sufficiency for veterans. 

One of HVAF’s key initiatives, the Veteran Workforce Development Program, takes a holistic approach to serving veterans experiencing homelessness or at risk of becoming homeless. This program ensures that veterans facing high barriers to employment receive the necessary resources to find and secure employment opportunities. 

HVAF’s Impact: Navy veteran Johnathan 

Last March, Johnathan lost his job while looking for a house for himself and his children. Johnathan found solace and support in HVAF. Thanks to an NFL-BWF Salute to Service grant, housing case managers provided assistance and the employment team played a pivotal role in transforming Johnathan’s life. The grant facilitated the provision of a new laptop with a 3-year protection plan, a backpack, and clothing for job interviews. “This assistance is critical because I think sometimes you don’t have confidence when looking for employment,” Johnathan said. “I have a family of four, so it was great to have help from someone on the outside.” 

HVAF’s Impact: Navy veteran Nathan  

Nathan, an aviation mechanic, encountered unexpected financial hurdles after a recent move to Indianapolis. 

Because of the relocation costs, Nathan was struggling to purchase new tools and toolboxes required for his mechanic work. Thisa significant financial barrier was taking an even larger toll on his overall stability. He learned about HVAF through colleagues and sought their services. Ultimately, HVAF’s support included helping him with a new toolbox. 

“They helped me quite a bit with getting a new toolbox, knowing somebody is helping, and looking out for veterans. A lot of military men and women need these organizations. It’s great to know that some people care and are willing to go the extra mile for veterans.” Nathan said “It was just mentally uplifting to know that they’re out there and they offered help for struggling vets. I see a lot of struggle with depression, addiction, alcoholism, and stuff like that. So, it’s great to know that they’re helping.” 

Nathan and Johnathan’s stories are just a few of many that HVAF assists. Their programming goes beyond material support. It fosters a sense of community and uplifts the spirits of military men and women. HVAF’s contribution to building a supportive veteran community in Indiana is evident. Through its multifaceted approach, the organization addresses housing needs and provides a safety net for veterans facing mental health challenges, depression, addiction, and alcoholism. 

In the fall of 2023, HVAF received an NFL-BWF Healthy Lifestyles and Creating Community (HLCC) grant to provide employment assistance to 100 veterans.  

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