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Major Pete Way & Anne Way

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U.S. Army, Retired

Pete Way grew up in Savannah, Georgia where his father was a minister and his mother a teacher. He has two bachelor’s degrees and a master’s degree in nursing as a nurse practitioner. Pete joined the Army in 1989 and served his country for 24 years until he medically retired in 2013. While serving in Afghanistan in 2002, he took shrapnel to the knee. The injury caused a dangerous recurring infection, and Pete made the difficult decision to amputate his leg. In years since, he underwent innovative surgery to help his prosthetic, for which he’s still receiving treatment.

Pete is an avid mountain biker and sports enthusiast, and is a strong believer that physical activity is key to staying motivated and positive. Pete is so grateful to have his family by his side and is appreciative for all the support they give him. Pete’s wife, Anne Way, recently retired from her teaching career and now works as a full-time caregiver. She is a proud Elizabeth Dole Fellow. To promote healthy movement for all veterans, the Ways have started a nonprofit biking community.

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