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Children’s Research Triangle

Veteran Family Mental Health Services

Through this investment, Children’s Research Triangle will provide evidence-based mental health treatment and psychoeducation to 18 veteran families to

  • improve children’s mental health and emotional, behavioral, and academic functioning, and
  • decrease parenting stress and improve parenting skills related to child behavioral difficulties and family relationships.

Stressors associated with military service include deployments, permanent changes of station, and a parent’s combat exposure. These stressors can negatively impact military children’s mental health and wellbeing both during and after their parent’s service.

Research indicates that although many military children are healthy and resilient, many struggle with the impact of their parent’s service. As a result many are at greater risk for adverse psychosocial outcomes. These include substance use, anger, physical and nonphysical violence, depressive symptoms, secondary traumatic stress, and suicidal ideation.

While the challenges of military service affect the family, many providers treating veterans are not equipped to treat family members. Children’s Research Triangle is addressing this service gap. The organization provides treatment to children of veterans engaged in services at the Forest Park and Evanston Vet Centers. Children’s Research Triangle also work with military-connected children identified through other community partners including schools and social service agencies, many of whom present with trauma or mental health concerns.