Our Approach

We invest in positive returns. Positive returns for the veterans returning to their families and communities and positive returns for every dollar donated to their long-term well being.

It is by connecting communities with the brave heroes returning to them, that we are best able to provide more than stopgap measures, but long-term solutions that take a holistic approach to recovery.

The Bob Woodruff Foundation stands out from the sea of 46,000 non-profits that serve veterans by the way in which we find, fund and shape innovative programs within that maze.


For nearly a decade, the Bob Woodruff Foundation has united leaders of communities, business, government, entertainment, and philanthropy to have the greatest impact possible towards this urgent and worthy cause. Through our Charitable Investments, we diligently navigate a diverse range of nonprofits to find the most innovative programs meeting the needs of today’s veterans.


The proprietary process the Bob Woodruff Foundation uses, coupled with due diligence mandated high standards, enables us to invest in effective initiatives and “Support that Sustains.” This creates a connection between community and hero, perpetuating a cycle of positive returns for service members and their families, and contributors alike.


By collaborating with government, private and public organizations, we’re able to influence the best programs and resources and improve upon them. We shape them with innovative solutions, allowing them to be even more efficient and effective at providing the greatest good where it’s needed the most.

Focus Areas

Rehabilitation and Recovery
Today’s service members return with injuries that would have been fatal in earlier times. We’re funding programs that heal both the physical and hidden wounds of war. We are focusing in particular on the development of programs that focus on long-term affects of living with injury.
Education and Employment
With a quarter million service members transitioning from service annually, we work tirelessly to make sure education and employment enables and enriches the next chapter of their lives.
Quality of Life
Ensuring injured veterans and their families have access to meaningful opportunities and experiences that enhance their quality of life is at the heart of our mission. Programs we shape provide service members with senses of purpose, places to live, healthy family relationships, and outlets for socialization.

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